Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Naked in the Hallway

I just have to share this story that happened to me last year on a family vacation to Mexico. I was taking a shower before going out to dinner when my dad and brother thought it would be funny to pull a prank on me. They filled a garbage can full of ice and water and dumped it all on my over the door of the shower. I obviously could not see it coming because of the shower curtain. My first reaction was to get even. I ran out of the shower, quickly wrapped a towel around my waist, and grabbed some shaving cream? I sprinted after my dad who ran out of my room to escape my rebuttal. I ran after him down the hall until his escape was blocked by a maid's cart. I attempted to spray him with the shaving cream when he reached out and ripped the towel off from around my waist! Confused and naked, I had no other option but to run back to my room. However, my dad yelled down the hall to my brother to close the door. My brother slammed the door shut before I could get inside. Hmm...with a bunch of family friends on the same floor as me, I was sure to be caught butt ass naked outside my room. So, I hugged a pole. Yes, I hugged a pole which covered my whole front side. I was yelling to my brother to open the door, but he refused. My friend's dad opened his door to make sure everything was okay when he heard me yelling. He saw me hugging the pole, asked what happened, laughed, and closed his door! So I was still left standing there! Whole ass exposed! A maid finally walked up to me and handed me a towel. She walked away and I heard her talk on her radio in spanish telling another employee how she just found a naked guy on the fourth floor and how she saw the whole package if you know what I mean--she obviously didn't know I took 4 years of Spanish in high school. I laughed and screamed to her down the hall "Te gusta?" She giggled. She was bad my tan lines were...LOL!

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Benjamin said...

hahahaha GREAT STORY